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Touching Lives

Holistic & integrated care

Touching lives


You helped my situation and how I was. You make me to change, to think in a different way, to be more free, more safe, and to think about my future. I am more driven to make good decisions.

Anya was barely out of her teens when she was persuaded by her boyfriend to travel to Europe to find a better future.

On arrival she was taken to a house where her boyfriend introduced her to people who sexually exploited her over a prolonged period.

She eventually managed to escape following a police raid at the property.

Anya returned to her home country, but was pursued by her traffickers. She fled to the UK to seek safety, but her claim for asylum was declined. She was experiencing homelessness and struggling to survive when we met her.

We provided Anya with safe accommodation to help her stabilise and recover from months of moving around.

We supported her through her legal case to be recognised as a victim of trafficking, and helped her access counselling, vocational training and practical experience.

After a long and difficult process, part of Anya’s legal case was settled in a landmark decision by the High Court that challenged government policy on support given to victims of trafficking.

Anya is currently settled with a family of her own and helps to raise awareness by sharing her experience with others.

Referral from solicitor

Support through immigration case

Safe accommodation

Micaela’s Home


Post traumatic stress

Education and training

Vocational training
Volunteer work experience
College course

Asylum support

Access to longer term accommodation
Financial support

Emotional support

Pastoral care


A big thank you for illumination of my life, giving me warmth and strength. I am used to being controlled by others, but here I make choices for myself and feel stronger. I feel I have more opportunities for my life.

Kim-Ly came to the UK to study. While at university she met a man who groomed her and forced her into prostitution.

Kim-Ly became pregnant by this man, who became increasingly abusive, using the situation to coerce and control her.

A client who came to the brothel where she worked and paid for sex helped Kim-Ly to escape. He was the first person to ask if anyone was bullying her.

Kim-Ly was referred to Rahab for support by the police. She went through a long and painful process lasting several years to get justice for what she had been through.

We supported Kim-Ly throughout, helping her to find a safe place for her and her child to live, helping her access financial support, health care and therapy.

Kim-Ly has expressed that the unique and holistic support she received from us over the years has helped her to learn to live independently. She feels that the seeds put in place by Rahab continue to grow today.

Kim-Ly’s exploiters were eventually prosecuted for unlawful immigration and modern slavery offences. Meanwhile she continues to grow every day, regaining her self-confidence, trust and inner strength. She has attended training courses, undertaken work experience and started part-time work. She is hopeful about the future and helps us raise awareness of women’s traumatic experiences and the complex support that is needed.

Referral from police

Metropolitan Police Modern Slavery Unit

Crown Prosecution Service

Support and advocacy

Local authority


Department of Work & Pensions

Welfare benefits

Health services

Physical health needs

Children’s Social Services

Support and advocacy

Education and training

Vocational training

Emotional support

Pastoral care


If I don’t have you I don’t have place to stay. I don’t have anywhere to go. I don’t have anything. In the world nobody understands. Maybe I die already. Thank you from my heart for help me this life.

Tia, a young transgender woman, was referred to us by the police after she was found rough sleeping.

She told us she had been in the UK for many months, and had been working in premises known to us as being associated with exploitation and trafficking. Not feeling safe there she had left, and was now struggling to survive, sleeping on a friend’s sofa, sometimes on the streets or on public transport. She said she had previously applied for asylum but was unaware of the status of her case.

We arranged somewhere safe for Tia to stay while we helped her reinstate her asylum claim.

When she decided to return to her home country, we helped her do so safely, putting her in touch with the Sisters abroad so that she could continue to receive whatever support she needed.

Tia moved from place to place, struggling to find a place of belonging in her country as a transgender woman. However she remained in contact with us to let us know she is ok.

Referral from the police

Local police officers


Emergency accommodation


Advice on emergency support available


Psychiatric care

Emotional support


Asylum support

Safe accommodation
Financial support
Case work support and advice

Assisted voluntary return

Safe repatriation
Financial support
International resettlement support

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