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The name Rahab

Our name

Grace and Courage

Believing in the possibility of change.

Rahab was a woman in the Bible who worked in prostitution and identified her house by a scarlet cord tied in the window.

Her story is found in the Book of Joshua (Chapter 2).

In the Israelites’ battle to occupy the Promised Land Rahab offers her home as a place of safety to Joshua’s spies.

In return the spies promise to save her and her family when the city walls fall.

What inspires us about Rahab’s story is the courage and strength she shows in an extreme and difficult situation.

And we are equally inspired by the women we meet through our work.

And it’s the scarlet cord that we choose as our reminder that faith – risky, never easy, and often found in unlikely places –

has the potential for opening doors to new possibilities.


Hebrew: רחב

Pronunciation: rah’hav

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