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A Shared response

Working together to strengthen and improve protection and support for women.

We are always seeking creative and progressive ways of working with other organisations, groups and individuals in different sectors,
industries and civil society to provide more safe options and support for women.

This could be as part of your statutory duty of care, or corporate social responsibility. Or you may be an NGO, community group,
church, faith community, individual, professional or practitioner.

By bringing together our different competencies, areas of knowledge and expertise in ways that best support the women,
we can create a wider positive impact.

And we can influence and inspire more effectively the systemic and societal changes needed to achieve greater parity and equality of opportunity.

We’d love you to consider joining us. To start a conversation and explore how we can work together, please get in touch.

As a frontline service in healthcare we rely on Rahab and the excellent joint working they support us with. When we have difficult and complex cases, unfailingly they support us, and without their help we would not be able to achieve the best outcomes for our women.

Anna Robinson
Safeguarding Midwife, Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital

Over many years, Rahab have provided fantastic practical support to the Metropolitan Police Service in our fight against modern slavery. It is imperative we gain the victim’s trust and reassure them they will be safe from harm. Our continued collaboration offers this reassurance and that there is a safe route from exploitation for even the most vulnerable of modern slavery victims.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Brewer
Metropolitan Police Organised Crime Command, Modern Slavery & Kidnap Unit (ret. 2019)

020 7370 3901
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