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Our Impact

Hope and transformation

Our Impact

Accompanying women on a journey of transformation.

Rahab is one of few organisations in the UK working exclusively with women in situations of risk and vulnerability involved in off-street prostitution and women who have been sexually exploited.

We accompany woman on a transformational journey – one that increases women confidence, resilience and independence, sense of ownership and control over their lives.

In 2021 we helped 120 women access housing, welfare, employment skills, physical and mental health support.

65% say we have significantly improved their quality of life, and 89% say we have improved their physical / mental health and wellbeing.

Rahab is like my own "midwife for life", to believe in my own strength and be comfortable with myself as I grow. It started gently but profoundly. I feel I have a voice here and it has been listened to wholeheartedly.  My inner strength has been awakened and affirmed here to be a woman and a mum.


They taught me how to do things step-by-step, taught me how to be brave and how to cope with my situation. They were always pushing me in a positive way and helped me with studying.


I can’t stress you enough my growth to this point. I’m not having to hold on to past experiences in one side of my brain. A year ago …. I had no motivation. Now I’m just bursting out. Hidden talents and skills just come out. Rahab supports people to grow. Building trusting relationship. They have had my back from day one since I joined the organisation. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now.


Every year 70-100 women benefit directly from our work, and more than twice as many people indirectly (includes organisations we support and work with).

We achieve our impact with only a handful of staff and volunteers, and there is still much more we want to do.

Click here to read stories of hope and transformation, and join us in supporting more women in the future.

The women’s situations across a range of [areas] improve over time and this suggests that Rahab does improve the women’s changes of living an independent and safer lives.

Independent evaluation of Rahab’s services 2016-20
St Mary’s University Bakhita Centre for Research on Slavery, Exploitaiton and Abuse

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