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How we help

Our approach

Opportunities and choices

Many people are not aware of the realities of women's lives - what they go through, how they survive, and what support they need.

Women are often labelled or assumptions made about who they are.

This can create a stigma that prevents women from seeking the help they need when they need it.

At Rahab we provide the care and support that many women need.

We support women to gently explore their options. And to access opportunities to be able to shape their lives in the

direction that they want and that matters to them most.




Encounters take place in an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and loving accompaniment. We are fully present, listening, learning and understanding.

Relationships of trust form the basis of everything we do. And there is no time limit. Women engage at their own pace and are supported

to make informed choices that work best for them in any given situation.

Transformation takes time, but with the care and space to consider options, the right support at the right time can have a transformative impact.

You helped my situation and how I was. You make me to think in a different way and to be more free, more safe and to think about my future. I am more driven to make good decisions.


Before I came to [Rahab], I was very scared. I didn’t like myself. I wanted to shower all the time and scrub myself. I didn’t like to look at myself and I wanted to change. Now my head is good. I feel that things are beautiful. The future is beautiful. It’s new and open to me.


So often women are labelled and assumptions made about who they are and what their lives are like. We look for opportunities for genuine encounters where women can be themselves, and the difficult questions gently and safely explored so that they can access the support they need.

Bex Keer
Rahab Pastoral Lead, Partnerships & Training

020 7370 3901
Mon-Fri: 09am – 05pm


Rahab Project Ltd
c/o 84 Eccleston Square
London SW1V 1PX