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Raise Awareness

A different narrative.

People often assume that women involved in prostitution could simply choose to leave if they wanted to.

However the reality is far more complex for most.

It can be about making difficult choices and compromises to support yourself and your family.

Stigma and judgement can make you feel lonely and isolated, and stop you from getting the help you need when you need it.

By raising awareness, we want more people to see that all women involved in prostitution, and women who have experienced sexual exploitation,

deserve compassion and respect, safety and freedom, no matter who they are or the journey they’ve been on so far.

Prostitution and the law


A broader perspective.

People often ask us what our stance on prostitution is and whether we think it should be legal.

There are different legal frameworks around the world.
(Prostitution itself is not illegal in the UK but there are a number of associated offences linked to it.)

Advocates of legalisation believe that it would reduce harm by creating a safer environment for women.

Opponents believe that it would increase the risk of harm and exploitation of women.

The other common debate is around tackling demand for prostitution.

Whether buying sex should be criminalised, thereby reducing demand and the potential harm and exploitation of women.

As a faith-based organisation there is also often the assumption that we want to rescue women.

However, in our experience the issues are far more complex and challenging.

There are many complex reasons that draw women into prostitution, multiple and recurring incidents of exploitation, harm and abuse

women experience once involved, inequality of opportunity and access to support.

At Rahab we come alongside women, helping each woman based on her individual needs and circumstances,

offering a caring and loving response, without judgement or expectation.

The wider context


Prostitution, modern slavery and violence against women.

Our work is at the intersection of prostitution, modern slavery and violence against women.

We work to raise awareness of the intersectionality of women’s experiences, drawing attention to the issues women tell us matter to them most,

and the changes they want to see.

And we work directly on the frontline through our care and support.

Public discourse


Here are some ways you can help change the conversation.

Read more about the issues.

Talk to your family, friends and colleagues about what you learn.

Share our website on social media.

Organise training for your organisation.

Organise an awareness raising event.

Volunteer, donate or partner with us.


If you’d like us to provide training, attend your event, or have any ideas on how to help change the conversation, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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