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Due to the hidden nature of the sex industry, it is difficult to establish the true number of people involved in sex work.

It has previously been estimated that there are 30 to 42 million individuals involved in prostitution worldwide, over 72,800 people in the UK, with around 32,000 of those working in London. (1)

There is a broad spectrum of people involved in sex work, of all genders, ages, nationalities, ethnicities, sexualities, education level, health, and social-economic status.

The majority are women, and prostitution can affect women’s lives emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Many women miss out on support because they are not identified and their needs not recognised.

And there are many complex reasons that draw women into prostitution and issues that impact their ability to make changes.

At Rahab we understand the challenges women face. We see each woman as valued and unique with unlimited potential.

(1) UK Government House of Commons Home Affairs Committee. Prostitution: Third report of session 2016-17. London: House of Commons; 2016 [cited 2019 Nov 27].



Holistic support   –   We provide the wrap-around care and support that helps women

find a way through moments of difficulty and uncertainty, explore possibilities and options, access opportunities to be able to live a fulfilled life of their choosing.

Advocacy   –   We work with organisations to help ensure that all women who need support have access to services that they can trust and turn to,

that understand what they are going through and what support they need, and can help at every stage.

Raising awareness   –   And we work to change the conversation around prostitution –  confronting the assumption that women either need rescuing

or could simply choose to leave, raising awareness of the systemic changes needed to ensure equality of opportunity for all women.

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