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Emotional wellbeing


A safe and confidential space to talk.


Up to 12 counselling sessions (50 minutes each) with the same counsellor each session with the option for further support if that would be helpful.

We will match you with a counsellor you feel comfortable with, with sessions prearranged at a time and day that suits both you and your counsellor.

Our counsellors specialise in a variety of therapeutic approaches, and all are committed to using their skills to support you with kindness

and without judgement throughout your work together.

Counselling is currently being offered online via Zoom and over the telephone, so you will need a safe, confidential space to access this support.

This could be at the Rahab Sanctuary if this would work best for you and you feel comfortable.

Beginnings and endings are important in counselling, so your counsellor will work with you to manage these,

as well as support you in exploring what further support would be helpful.


* Rahab counsellors/psychotherapists are fully qualified and work within the British Association for
Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) ethical framework. 


Rahab’s counsellor’s trust in me has enabled me to trust myself. She has sat beside me in the dark unwaveringly – never judging but always caring; never assuming but always listening. She held a safe space for me at a time when nowhere was safe for me.


020 7370 3901
Mon-Fri: 09am – 05pm


Rahab Project Ltd
c/o 84 Eccleston Square
London SW1V 1PX