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We support women involved in prostitution and women who have experienced sexual exploitation

It is our life’s mission to ensure that women are treated with unconditional acceptance, compassion and dignity. Our passion is to help awaken in each woman an experience;

Freedom to be themselves
Safety from threat, fear or harm
Choices and opportunities they are free to pursue
Faith in humanity and in themselves
Belonging, where they are accepted and valued

But the reality for most women we meet is very complex. Often people label or make assumptions, creating a stigma that can prevent them from seeking the help they need when they need it.

We provide long-term, practical and confidential support regardless of who they are or the journey they’ve been on.

We also work to change the conversation around prostitution, and help organisations who support women to deliver professional and consistent support and the highest standard of care.

It is almost impossible to convey just how vulnerable I was. Now I am free to think, feel and say what I want. I am free to believe in and to trust myself. I am feeling much more like a real person at long last. My life is mine now – my mind and my body are mine.