Our History

Rahab is borne out of the apostolic mission of the Sisters Adoratrices, a Religious Order founded in Madrid, Spain in 1856 by Saint Maria Micaela, Viscountess of Jorbalan. The Sisters’ unique charism is to care for women affected by prostitution and human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

For over 150 years, generations of spirited and courageous Sisters and laity all over the world have been living out the mission in dynamic and practical ways, currently active in 23 countries in Africa, Asia and South America. In the UK, Rahab is a continued expression of the Order’s founding aims and ideals, and one of many ways the Sisters are responding creatively to emerging needs in the modern age.


The name 'Rahab'

Rahab (Hebrew Rahab, rah'hav) was a woman in the Bible who lived in the ancient city of Jericho. She worked as a prostitute and identified her house by a scarlet cord tied in the window.

In the dramatic account of the Israelite’s battle to occupy the Promised Land, Rahab offers her home as a place of refuge and safety to Joshua's spies, in return gaining protection when the city walls fall.

What inspires us about Rahab's story is the immense courage and strength she shows in the face of extreme and difficult choices. Her actions not only lead her and her family to a place of freedom and belonging, but also illustrate that faith - risky, never easy, and often found in unlikely places - has the potential for opening doors to new possibilities.


Our Philosophy

  • Freedom
  • Courage
  • Choice
  • Faith
  • Belonging