Prostitution and human trafficking for sexual exploitation is one of the defining global issues of our time, affecting the lives of countless women of all ages, nationalities and walks of life.

The lived reality - profoundly challenging for many - is not widely known; difficult decisions and compromises made as a result of vulnerability and lack of opportunity, experiences of exploitation, abuse and violence, loss of freedom, social stigma, emotional and psychological stress, trauma, isolation, feelings of guilt and shame.

Our challenge is to be part of the solution for change for those without a voice or choice; providing the highest level of restorative care that prioritises their dignity and freedom; speaking out against structures of injustice that oppress, advocating for their human rights, and specifically social, cultural, educational and economic equality of opportunity.

Due to its hidden nature it is extremely difficult to gain an accurate picture of the scale of prostitution and sex trafficking. Sources should therefore be referred to for context and research methodology. (1) www.havoscope.com 2015 (2) International Labour Organisation 2005 & 2012 (3) Home Office 2004 & 2014 (4) Home Office 2014, World Bank Group 2015.