Rahab Angel Network

At the heart of our organisation are a diverse group of passionate and committed volunteers, partners and donors who give generously of their time, skills and resources to help us in our mission. We place a high value on their unwavering support and contribution to our work. Please join us in making a difference.

"Rahab has given me the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people and to be part of an amazing team who want to see positive change for the women we meet. These women have an inherent strength and courage and it is a privilege to walk alongside them." Volunteer

"It was thought provoking to work with the Rahab team, and I feel honored to have been part of a genuine partnership with people who are dedicated to improving the women's lives." Partner

"Rahab genuinely cares about women who live a very different life from most. Reaching out to them is done with sensitivity, respect and practical support. I hope the charity continues to be around for many years to come." Donor