Welcome to Rahab, a charity founded by Sisters Adoratrices in 2009 to care for women affected by prostitution and human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

INSPIRING - upholding and defending their value and dignity, challenging any exploitation of vulnerability or abuse of power.

LIBERATING – embracing their humanity, journeying together through a process of self-discovery that leads to inner healing, freedom and wholeness.

TRANSFORMING – believing in life giving encounters as pathways to healing, personal growth, revitalised choices and new beginnings.


"Rahab is an inspiring charity that combines intelligence and humanity with productive action. It operates at a strategic, societal level, as well as on the front line helping women who could be our sisters or daughters." Tim Drake, Trustee

"Our hope is to be a source of encouragement to the women - embracing our shared humanity, strengthening them through the struggles they face with love, compassion and understanding." Rosslyn Okumu, Manager